Leather Paint

Shop the best leather paint to customize your shoes, bag or accessories.

What's the best leather paint ?

The leather paint is a flexible paint you can use on shoes or accessories. It's designed to be very resistant, and doesn't peel or crack over time.

You can find many leather paints on the market, but the quality is important to get good results and to make sure the paint last.

- Acrylic leather paint offers a good flexibility and resistance, but the formula is known to be more toxic. Acrylic paints require paint additives if you want to use it on other surfaces such as fabric or plastic. Therefore the paints like Angelus are more expensive and more difficult to use.

- Polyurethane leather paint, is the new generation of leather paint. The flexibility and resistance is much better than acrylic. The SneakArts paint is the best leather paint, as you can use it on leather but also on fabric, wood and plastic. The biggest advantage is that you can dilute the paint with water in case you want to dye suede or nubuck.

How to permanently paint leather ?

- Prepare the leather using acetone or deglazer to remove the factory finish. This step will ensure you that the paint adheres.

- Apply the paint in thin coats to keep the good flexibility and resistance of the paint.

- Seal the paint using a finisher (24 hours after ideally).

Customization Tips