Leather Paint

Learn how to paint on leather and customize your bag, shoes or accessories

Leather Paint offers a complete guide to teach you how to use leather paints, dye and customize.

You can find leather and faux leather almost everywhere, from shoes to bag, but also a dog collar and you can easily restore or customize it using paint. It's possible to restore the leather to bring it back to life.

Leather is precious and natural, that's why it is important to take care of it. The more you care about leather, the more animals we can save on the planet. From smooth leather, nubuck or even suede, we provide you all the tips you need to paint on leather.

What's the characteristics of leather paints ?

The leather paint is a flexible paint you can use on leather shoes or accessories. It's designed to be very resistant, and to not peel or crack over time.

You can find many leather paints on the market, but the quality is important to have good results. There are two types of leather paint :

- Acrylic leather paint that provides good flexibility but the formula is also known to be more toxic for health and the environment. Acrylic requires paint additives if you want to use it on other surfaces such as fabric or plastic. It means dealing with more products, which makes painting more complicated and expensive.

- Water based Polyurethane paint, which is the new generation of paint. The flexibility and resistance is better than acrylic, and the formula is more eco-friendly. This is a high quality leather paint you can also use on other surfaces : fabric, wood and plastic. One of the biggest advantage is that you can dilute the paint with water in case you want to dye suede or nubuck.

Customization Tips